Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tips to Starting Your Own Online HCG Supply Store

There is a lot of controversy over the popular HCG diet, which is gaining popularity throughout the world. The concern is the fact that this diet requires that you take drops for a set period of time while following a five hundred calorie a day diet. Most people cannot survive on such a low calorie diet, but while the drops reduce appetite, there are certain tips you can take into consideration to help you stick to the diet, achieve results and stay safe.

One of the most important tips you can learn when following a safe HCG diet is to add fiber to your diet. Fiber can help you feel fuller for longer, but also helps with digestion. Having fiber in your breakfast and taking advantage of vegetables rich in fiber to add to your evening meals and even in lunches can help you get through the few weeks of low calorie dieting that this process requires in order for you to reach your weight loss goals and achieve results.

The first two days of the safe HCG diet, you will be required to eat high fat foods. This loading period is important and ensure you take advantage of this time, bulking up on high fat foods. This can reduce the risk of headaches once you lower your calorie intake, but also aids in keeping your energy levels high for the next few weeks. The body will use this fat for energy when you are limited to what you can eat.

Ensure you drink plenty of water. You've probably heard all the type from medical professionals, diet technicians and on the internet that you need to drink at least eight glasses of water each day. This is not hype, especially when following such a low calorie diet, which is a requirement of the safe HCG diet plan.

Drinking plenty of water reduces the risk of dehydration, while it flushes your system. You'll be pleased to know that water can also fill you up, so after you've taken your safe HCG drops, which have been supplied by a leading company, drink a glass of water before eating your meal, you'll be surprised the difference it will make.

Planning your meals in advance is one of the best tips you can learn when following a strict low calorie diet. Knowing what you can and cannot eat and taking a shopping list with you to the store, reduces the risk of you buying everything you see on the shelves. When you get home, weigh the food into meals for the correct calorie portions, seal them in bags and place them in the fridge or freezer to use on the chosen day. This will help you follow the diet easier and make cooking quick and painless.

It's a good idea to go online and search for cookbooks designed for this diet plan before you start taking your safe HCG drops. Having a cookbook can give you inspiration and ideas and reduce the risk of boredom over the next few weeks. These cookbooks also help you determine what you are and are not allowed, they give advice on food portions and so much more to ensure you get the most out of your dieting experience and reach your goal weight with ease.

The final tip which you may have guessed is to ensure you do exercise. You cannot expect the safe HCG drops to do all the work and while they will still provide results without you doing any exercise, you can speed up the process by doing moderate exercise three times a week.

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